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TAITO arcade stool refurbish

I got myself a pair of pretty sad looking TAITO arcade stools a couple of months ago but hadn’t had time to get them looking good until now (currently on vacation). I took a photo of one when I got them, thinking the fabric was orange, but now in the process I actually noticed that …

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Seimitsu LS-30 aka SNK Rotary joystick – my modifications

I’ve had a pair of these now rare Seimitsu LS-30 joysticks for a while, but haven’t bought any games to use them with yet. I didn’t like the state they were in when I got them and have been putting off fixing them up for the last few years since I bought them. But I …

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360 Game Cabinet Video Settings

360 Game Cabinet Video Settings

Getting the closest as possible arcade experience is for many the reason to put a home console inside an arcade cabinet with a CRT monitor. It can take lots of tweaking to get right, and when you change from one game to another, it might need additional tweaking. I’ve worked hard with my collection of …

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How to fine-tune the picture in your EGRET II

Screen Adjust teaser

Stuff you need to know RGB CUT OFF: I like to say that this is the “canvas” upon which the game board then will draw the graphics (using the RGB GAIN/DRIVE channels) by pushing RED, GREEN and BLUE in the amount and mixture needed to get all the colours used by the game’s palette. CUT …

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Mounting a (pretty) SUZO 500 in an EGRET II

SUZO 500 with original shaft mounted in an EGRET II

Updated 2010-05-02 (added a picture of the screw, extender and washer I use) Most EGRET II owners (or any Japanese cabinet owners) swear by their SANWA or Seimitsu sticks (I used to do that as well), but then I read someone @ the shmups forums write how awesome the SUZO 500 is for shmups, because …

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Easy EGRET II speaker upgrade

Click here for a short guide that might come in handy. Click it!

EASY EGRET II SPEAKER UPGRADE How to put a 2.1 speaker system into an EGRET II with or without intrusive measures. Very easy to do as long as you know how to do it and what you’ll need. Speaker choice After a whole-heartily recommendation (i.e. “these are cheap, mate”) I went with the Logitech s220 …

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My Guwange HORI stick

HORI Guwange stick

TURNING TEKKEN 6 INTO GUWANGE INTRODUCTION I found a very cheap HORI Tekken 6 | Game + Artwork book + Arcade stick bundle, but never clicked with the stick or the artwork, so I started working on a fitting artwork, looking at hardware modding possibilities etc. The first thing I did was trying to make …

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How To: Install a non-PCB joystick in a 5-pin harness

A modded JLF PCB

Connecting a 5-pin JST-H solution “for dummies” When is this needed? Many Japanese cabinets (or well built console Arcade sticks) use a JST 5-pin connector that will install a SANWA JLF or a Seimitsu LS-32-01 quick and easy (see the picture above) in their control panels. So? Well, sometimes you want to mix it up, …

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Ultracade Universal Video Converter

Close up on the UVC

What it does The Ultracade Universal Video Converter, or UVC for short, can convert a high res video signal into an arcade monitor compatible RGBS signal. In 15kHz or in 24kHz. There are other ways of hooking up a high res source to an arcade cabinet like this, but no other can output to 24kHz …

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XBox 360 Cabinet Themes

Theme close up

“Cabifying” your 360 dashboard What’s that you say? I noticed that you could browse pictures in the dashboard of the XBox 360 and decided to see if this could be utilized to create a “theme” of sorts. I then made an EGRET II theme that worked really well in my cabinet. As I shared this on …

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