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XBox 360 | Do-Donpachi Dai-Fukkatsu 1.5 – CAVE

Do-Donpachi Dai-Fukkatsu 1.5 teaser

A close second to ESPGALUDA II graphic-wise, DoDonpachi Dai-Fukkatsu 1.5 is a feast for your eyes with it’s neon-colour bullet spam, gyrating lasers and sweet soundtrack. If you get the DLC for Black Label, you can play all the modes on the 1.5 disc with the phenomenal Black Label soundtrack. Personally, I prefer the Black …

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XBox 360 | Guwange (XBLA) – CAVE

Guwange teaser

As I started to explore the wonderful world of emulation, Guwange was a title that somehow passed by queitly. Sure, it was very pretty, but the game play felt overly complicated (at that time) and I didn’t put much time into trying to like it. Then a couple of years later as I had gotten …

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XBox 360 | ESPGALUDA II Black Label – CAVE


Updated 2011-08-04 with No-miss Omake! YouTube video (scroll down) My love for CAVE and all of their excellent shooting games was originally brought on by Ketsui, but that wasn’t an affordable title at the time, so instead I started to play ESPGALUDA. And more importantly, I started to play it for score and not only …

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