I got me some SPARK!

Today I received a the latest offering from modern time alchemist, Toodles. Behold THE SPARK. This little piece of high-tech will turn your SANWA JLF into the equivalent of SANWA’s long gone epic FLASH 1 optical joystick.

Toodles SPARK

It looks so dark and evil - it really isn't

I really wanted to test this properly (with some game I really know, like Ketsui) today, but due to some other hardware giving me a hard time (no TATE screens, PS360 start button not working), I only had the chance to test it with the XBLA port of SEGA’s classic, Shinobi.

Toodles SPARK 2

The protective layer is supposed to keep light out I guess

The stick felt very nice, but I’m sure I’ll be needing a much harder spring to really enjoy it. Also, my only JLF (I’ve never liked ’em that much) was rebuilt from a bunch of scrapped ones I had laying around the house, so not a prime candidate for a good test.

Toodles SPARK 3

Godlike indeed

The SPARK PCB however performed wonderfully, and the installation took about 10 minutes, most of that time went into removing an LS-32 from one of my EGRET II’s and installing the SANWA. The small one-wire power harness (for the +5V the SPARK needs to operate) had a wire that would reach my PS360 down by the JAMMA harness easily.

Toodles SPARK 4

That mounting plate fits my EGRET II if you're wondering

Toodles SPARK 5

One last shot - I later noticed that I had the PCB connector facing the wrong way

To buy one: click. Currently priced at $55 + shipping.

Thanks for the awesome jdm714 for facts-checking!

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