Picked up my second EGRET II today:


(Sorry for the iPhone picture, I didn’t have a lot of time tonight).

It does have some scuffs in the bezel and surrounding body, but just some fast touching up with some appliance paint really made a whole world of difference right away. Already ordered parts to assemble a 1-player panel for this one as well. I will probably use the Seimitsu buttons that came with this 2-player panel for it, or give the Sanwa RG’s a try. Some speak highly of them, so why not give them a try. Earlier in the week, a Gemini Wing bootleg PCB arrived, but I think I’ll try to get rid of it rather swiftly, as it displays upside down, and lacks a screen flip option. I know that because of that, I won’t be playing it, but run Gemini Wing on my MAME PC instead. 🙁

When time allows, I’ll snap a couple of better pictures of these beauties!

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