NEW design! The yellow and black is very nice, but I thought it was time for a new look. Kinda has an EGRET III vibe going on. Also had a look at the links on my misc page and removed those who sadly no longer work + added a few that does.

Also, during these last couple of weeks, I have refurbished my JK panel and converted it into one for 1 player only. It now has the same button layout as my EGRET II panel, and a fantastic Suzo Inductive Joystick. No new paint, but a generic overlay from HAPP. I also intend to modify this with a hand made shaft that supports Sanwa/Seimitsu ball top balls instead of the horrible Suzo design. I’m currently awaiting the shaft from Polish joystick guru, Kowal. I’ve documented the refurbishing process so far with pictures that you can view on my JK page.

In addition to the new panel, I’ve installed a fresnel lense I bought at a flea market for a lousy $4 some year ago. It really is a huge difference in screen size, if you can live with the fact that you’ll need to stand in the exact same position all through your game.

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