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On this part of my Video Game Collection website, I'm gonna put some links to different pages with great info, people I know who are dedicated to preserving these wonderful pieces of history and just put up things related to this hobby of mine. Like equipment I have to use to get games working, spare parts I've bought or perhaps a tutorial on how to get some nice, clean photos of your games. Who knows.
Here are some new guides and project pages for stuff I've done.
          Cabinet themes for your XBox 360 Dashboard

          Installing 2.1 speakers in a Candy cabinet

          Ultracade Universal Video Converter - a guide

My HORI Guwange stick

About me:
This is me   I'm a bit too old (born 1974), father of two girls and have been an avid arcade game fan since I first got to play Knuckle Joe (the game's really crap, what was Taito thinking?) but it got me hooked. Me and a couple of my friends used to ride our bikes around town just to check out the latest games. And we we're really good at playing them. Luckily for me, the game operators responsible for the machines around my home town really had a great feel for what games would be popular. Look at my collection to see some of the titles that I now as an adult had do have. I was too young to play at the local video rental (they had two NSM cabinets and later switched one of them to a JK Cabinet) and the best operator in town, Video Games was their name. I stood there watching the older kids play. There was the 15 year age-limit and I was only about 13 at the time. I also played a lot on Aleph cabinets. The operator that favoured those is called Adon-Bolagen.
I also have a guestbook that I got for free from www.smartbg.com were you can say something useful if you'd like.

Websites you need to check out:

Communities (emphatic is my username everywhere):

Arkadtorget (swedish, but we understand you if you use english)
Build Your Own Arcade Controls (essential if you're building your own cabinet)
Shmups (Discussion board where you can get information about the latest/greatest shoot 'em up games + lots of laughs) - in english
STG-Fan (Swedish shoot 'em up games forum) - in swedish
Arcade Otaku (Arcade cabinet collecting forum) - in english
CAVE-STG (CAVE fansite without trolling, bitching and other bad behaviour you find in other forums)

Emulation related sites:

Mame World (Relatively updated news page for all things MAME emulation)
MAWS (Hosted by Mame World, this has ALL the info about MAME you'll ever need)
GameEx (My MAME Frontend of choice. Also has a great forum that'll accept all your stupid questions, hassle free)
Retroblast (Reviews of MAME cabinet hardware/software and cool arcade related news)

Collectors in Sweden:

Sticky (Very cool guy who's been a really great help to me as I began my collecting)
Lowemark (Helps people import really nice, clean games from Fuijita)
StefanL (Has a very impressive collection, great knowledge and a stunning perseverence)
Ganheden (Swedish collector)
Geek-Joan (Swedish collector)
Sotarn (Swedish enthusiast, site is in swedish as well, now sold ALL of his stuff)
Ingels (Swedish collector)

Arcade game info and resources:

Crazy Kong
(DIP switch settings, manuals, PCB photos, repair guides, you can't live without it!)
The PCB Database (work-in-progress database with a lot of info, will be great I think)
GameOnGrafix (Used to be called MameMarquees)
Here you can order classic arcade artwork for restoration or for MAME cabinets)

More links/cool stuff to come!

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