Bought some nice stuff for my cabinets, since game releases are a couple of weeks away. Still waiting for the pre-orders to open up at my favourite web-store for Do-Donpachi Dai-Fukkatsu 1.5 and Muchi Muchi Pork/Pink Sweets.

New buttons for the panel where I put Sanwa RGs before. I went with Seimitus with clear plunger instead:

Button Close-up

Stick + buttons close-up

Full view of Seimitsu-panel

I also bought some more of those lovely Dark Hai meshballs, as they’re a perfect fit for any EGRET II panel and fit them onto my SUZO 500 custom shaft as well as my 2-player panel.

SUZO 500 with Dark Hai meshball

I also made a little experiment that seems to have worked for the better. I bought a Seimitsu LS-56 8-way restrictor gate and fitted it onto the SUZO 500 and the fit was perfect! At least that’s what I thought, but further testing showed that the LS-56’s screw holes doesn’t line up with the scewed ones on a SUZO 500. I’m gonna have a restrictor made by a friend who’s like an Acrylic magician. 😀

SUZO 500 with LS-56 gate top view

SUZO 500 with LS-56 gate side view

Buttons, balls and LS-56 gate was purchased from Akihabarashop, as usual. 😀

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