My beloved Xiong Ba cabinet and my Red Box multi-PCB are both sold and has left the building. I’m really happy I got the cabinet sold right now, as I was on the verge of some major reconstruction on it. Typically, I usually start stuff I really regret later on, but this time a buyer appeared and put a stop to that nonsense.

Now that I have no high res available, I’ve set my EGRET II to 24kHz to get as close to high res as possible now that I have an awesome Ultracade Video Converter. This cool little thing converts VGA to 15 kHz or 24kHz without breaking a sweat. And it’s very tiny, so it’s replaced the Emotia in the EGRET II, mostly because it can handle 24khz.

Unfortunately, the Nanao monitor can’t switch resolutions “on the fly” like the Wei-Ya in the Xiong Ba cabinet did, so it’s not as easy to switch back and forth. Hopefully, I’ll be able to fit another EGRET II in my game room later on, and have one dedicated for 24kHz. I have a “remote switch” cable Ive made, but haven’t gotten around to testing it fully yet. I really wanna keep the cab in 24kHz now as I’m waiting for the Mushihimesama Futari port for the 360 to arrive. It’s gonna be so awesome.

I’ve also bought my first Super gun, a Vogatek III that will be a fun thing to play with. I’m gonna try to find a nice plastic box that’ll fit some of my larger PCB’s so that I’ll have a contained system to play my horisontal games on the television.

Oh, and my 3 Wonders PCB might have suicided. 🙁 I guess I’ll have to send it to the U.K. for repairs.

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  1. just wanted to comment & say that I was very impressed with the design on your blog & also your writing skills.. happy holidays

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