The removal of arcade stuff is ongoing in my life at the moment. We’ve moved to a new apartment, and I can no longer fit three cabinets, so moving stuff that doesn’t get enough use is crucial. The JK cabinet is now sold (sadly way too cheap) and is awaiting pickup next weekend. The search for yet another EGRET II is now on, and hopefully I will get that this spring. Apparently, the EGRET II is going up in price in Japan (are they starting to run out of these?) so hopefully I won’t be paying too much for it.

My current EGRET II has the Nanao MS9 monitor set to display at 24kHz for my XBox 360, Dreamcast or whatever other high res source I would want to feed it, so this other one will be my dedicated 15kHz machine for PCB use (I will put my Ibara board in first I think, or maybe ESPGALUDA). I’ve played my last credit on the JK today (Strikers 1945) just to check the functionality of it, and it’s really great for playing older games.

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