Took a better photo of my Metal Slug X cartridge for my Neo-Geo MVS. Because of this, now there’s also a high-resolution image available for it. I have a package at the post office. Perhaps it’s another game? I sure hope it is.

And it was my Japan-package containing a Seibu SPI Motherboard (I’m gonna buy some cool Raiden games for this eventually), a Seimitsu LS-29 Spinner (I’m gonna hook up a spinner panel for my JK¬†cabinet for some lovely Arkanoid action) and some 40 pcs of PCB feet/distancers (when you buy games off of eBay, you’re bound to loose a leg or three)

Played Twin Cobra once today and realized that the game is actually harder when set to easy, because the enemy fire is so friggin’ slow. I’ve set the dip switches correctly (default) now so it should now be playable. (On a side note here, I always have my dips set to default, and I just thought other gamers did as well)

Took a nice photo of my MVS Motherboard. So now it’s up there in all it’s glory.

I have also registered a guestbook for ya’ll to drop your respect in. You can reach it from the misc page.

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