More CAVE games emulated in MAME

As of right now, the following CAVE SH3 titles have preliminary (still no sound and hardware slowdown not emulated properly) drivers in MAME:

Ibara Kuro (Black Label)
Muchi Muchi Pork (apparently, I haven’t seen the rom files yet)
Mushihimesama Futari 1.0
Mushihimesama Futari 1.54

Also added (I haven’t checked this out personally) is the Blue version of Guwange!!! I also believe that Pink Sweets has been dumped, but as I write this, I don’t know if it’s emulated yet. Pretty cool stuff.

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Updated with a few title screens (don’t mind the fake scanlines, I added them):



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  1. Hey emph – I tried it out with the two games I own. On my comp, they’re actually quite playable. Of course, no sound, but otherwise I get 100% speed on them. I notice the lack of slowdown a lot more on Mushihimesama than Ibara, but it’s promising news.

    Now if we can only find a way to get the data back on the PCBs in case Cave stops fixing them 🙁

    1. Yes, it’s good to know at least dumps are about should the rather sturdy SH3’s start failing. And hopefully, more westerners find out about CAVE and their creations. They deserve all recognition they can get.

    • Someone on 11/13/2011 at 13:20
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    Hey may I ask how you get to run these games?
    They do not run on my Mame 64 0143 and I have tried to run them with an updated 0143u9, both are not working, altough people everywhere state they can emulate them.
    I would be really grateful if you can help me, Thanks.

    1. CAVE asked the MAME devs to remove the games from the source code and all builds published officially (builds using MAME source under MAME’S licence). Your only chance of running the games is finding a build somewhere that still have the SH3 emulation intact. Good luck!

    • niks on 05/23/2014 at 11:05
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    Awesome 🙂

  2. My shmups collection it’s huge and i build it in one month of work.Now that my cab software is finally taking shape, I am wondering if you will like it.I play shmups exclusively on Windows 10(64 bits).I’m using of course MAME but a special version who emulates all known arcade shumps.

    1. That’s a nice site for people new to shmups.

  3. new websiye

    • grinding on 09/21/2017 at 09:16
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    what’s the situation now?? are them playable?

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