Got Bullet Soul today… AVOID IT!

I’m sad to say that I’m very disappointed with this release. I read EOJ’s review here: but as he and I have quite different opinions when it comes to CAVE’s efforts even (we both share the feeling that content is key though), I thought that my feelings about this title would be a little bit more positive than his. Alas, no.

The music and sound effects are terrible (the quality), the bullet patterns are kinda bland, and what’s up with the pointless bullet cancelling? It’s after all, the “soul” of the game, right? I had a quick look at the game after installing it to the XBox’ hard drive, and later when I had time to do a proper play test, decided to play the game with the music of my own choice instead. So, pumping techno playing in the background, sound FX turned way down, I began searcing for a reason to like the game. On my first credit, I reached the last boss! I’m not some super play guy, honest, so that’s just wrong. It’s not a Novice mode, right?

I think that the developers thought that making the boss fights very long, they would feel “epic”, but it’s just boring. If the patterns would be fun to dodge, they still take forever, taking any fun out of that. Here’s a tip, just stand in the bottom middle of screen and you won’t have to dodge much at all. :/ Just watch out for the last pattern from each boss, as those seem to contain aimed bullets at least once or twice.

So, is this game worth your money/time? I say, get the demo first, apparently available from the Live! Marketplace right now (for Gold members) and the 18th for Silver/Free members. But don’t do what I did, get fooled by the eye candy and the videos and order this without trying it first.

You only get one game mode, there’s no difficulty setting etc. This should’ve been an XBLA title @ 400 Live! points.

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