Bullet Soul – Pre-ordered today!

One week from release 5pb finally present us with a TATE option for their region free 360 shmup, Bullet Soul. I’ve been on the fence about the game since there has been no indication at all about that until now, but I just pre-ordered my copy from videogameimports.com. If you’re in Europe and think buying stuff from Japan is a big deal, I can highly recommend this store.

Bullet Soul video options

Bullet Soul video options

I really look forward to this, as the game’s visuals are very stylized and 70’s mecha cool.

Bullet Soul TATE teaser

Bullet Soul TATE


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  1. I was lucky enough to try this game at a press event and walked out highly impressed.

    Region free and TATE shows how much they care about fan reception.

    1. It really is a beautiful game, I only held off my pre-order because of the lack of information on the TATE situation. 😀

      I saw some clip on Nico-Video with what sounded like an 8-bit arrange soundtrack. I hope this will be available either for the first print or as a DLC.

  2. After playing it yesterday evening, I think that they must have ruined the game after that press event, as early clips of the gameplay has quite different mechanics not to be found in the released version. Perhaps the version you played is what’s coming as a DLC? If so, that’s really tacky on 5pb’s part. :/

    1. I was considering buying this from Videogameimports – but have held off. Would you recommend buying, or avoiding this game in favour of something else? From what I’ve seen it looked great – but I’m not 100% convinced yet.

      1. Hi Steve,

        Well, the game looks great, and the biggest gripe I have is that it’s way too easy + the scoring system isn’t near the quality you’d expect of a modern shmup. I say: go for it if that’s enough to get you interested, I never got to try the DLC’s they released after I sold my copy, and those are supposed to make the game much better.

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