Just wanted to tell you who visit my site that it will soon(ish) be improved. I’m moving to WordPress, just gonna learn to harness it’s power first. I’m looking forward to being able to update the site more often (I won’t spam with complete garbage though, don’t worry) and adding a search engine and perhaps even a small forum. We’ll see.

So, what’s in store for future updates? Well, I think I might add some more YouTube stuff (If I get time, I’ll record some MAME replays for the games I currently own) and also expand the information about my PCBs to include all the cool trivia you’d want to know about them. I wanted this update to be posted now rather than spring an April 1:st update, as nobody will take that seriously. 😀 I have very little knowledge about how WordPress works, what plugins are available etc, but I might try to get integrated with social networks etc.

I might also add some cool how-to guides as I enjoy writing stuff up, taking pictures etc. I want to offer some cool content as well.

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