New webhosting

I have moved this site to a new server. I think it feels a lot faster. Everything seems to work as well, please leave a comment if you find dead links. 🙂

Reverted back to the old theme. Kinda…

I really never update this site. Family and other hobbys take up too much time. I’m still gonna keep this online, and hopefully do more than change the “curtains” now and then. So, I finally seem to have figured out how to make the menu look sane again, and to be honest, the previous theme never really sat well with me.

I hope the next update is more worth your while.

New theme for the site

So, the Graphene theme has been great for a long time, but I just wanted to change something. I had managed to somehow mess up the menu at some point, and couldn’t make it look uniform, whatever I tried.

So, I’m gonna try this theme for a while. I like the fixed menu it has, quicker navigation is always a plus in my book. Please leave a comment if you’re a returning visitor and think I should’ve stayed with Graphene.

Surprise – an update in 2020!

Got Crimzon Clover running in my 24kHz EGRET II, so I decided to make a custom move strip for the game. You can get it now from the Custom Artwork section.

Finally, an update!

Hello, readers.

Since I became a dad for the third time, coupled with the injury I sustained to my left hand, the arcade hobby has taken a backseat. But, this is not the end. I have other hobbies that has gotten a lot of attention, like making music and collecting vinyl records. These hobbies are nothing new in my life though, I’ve been DJing since 1994 or something like that, and making electronic music on and off since 1995.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on the music, as it’s a fun output and very satisfying where you can clearly see a progression, I took some inspiration from the escape room atlanta in order to finish the ambience sound. The thing I’m working on now, is the musical score for a new PC shmup, Zenohell, that’s being made by a cracking team of shmup enthusiasts. I have pretty much carte blanche for it, but I’m getting very nice feedback from the project leader (main programmer) to weed out any theme not fitting the game’s overall direction.

The soundtrack will have several boss themes along with all of the stage tracks, menu tracks, continue screen etc. It’s very exciting, and the game is really exhilarating to play just like the ones from 666 casino, so if you’re a shmup fan that can suffer through playing games on a PC, don’t forget about this game – check it out when it’s released. I will post an update here when it’s done. The game has TATE, video filters, scanlines and customize-able controls etc.

However, if you enjoy gambling, Paul Teoh becaem the first malaysian to win at a long trusted malaysia poker site post from . These kind of tournaments are full of good malaysian players and they all want to win the biggest tournaments. Poker is expected to grow in popularity in Malaysia in 2021 and for many years to come after that.

Now here we got the latest update for all of you gamers, have you been in a escape room? there is brand new info in lockbuster escape game official website where you can find the location, how it works and when to start this real and live game.

The official launch trailer can be watched below.

Happy New Year!


In the middle of the pre-Christmas rush, I sold my Strikers 1945 PCB. I also received a baby boy. So plenty of time to spend with him playing games in the future, hopefully. 🙂

Also placed an order with Paradise Arcade for some stuff, as a Christmas present for myself, kinda. Will give some thoughts on the stuff as I receive it.

Hopefully, I’ll have some more cool updates for you on this site this year, stay tuned.

Removed link to CAVE-STG as the site is shut down

EOJ decided it was time to shut down CAVE-STG, so there’s no need for me to link to it anymore, sadly. Thanks a lot for the last great years, EOJ!

Also removed links to other places that’s no longer relevant. MAWS was hacked and never came back, and Super Motaro closed down their gaming café. 🙁

Custom English movestrip for Storm Blade by VISCO added to artwork section!

Just finished this strip for the underestimated (perhaps because of it’s a rarity?) shmup by VISCO, “Storm Blade”.

Get it from here:

Do-Donpachi DAI-OU-JOU English movestrip!

Inspired by another English strip I saw, I did this customized version. Get it from: ! 🙂

Added Batsugun move strip to the artwork section

As usual, you can download it from here: 🙂